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Food is one of the recession proof businesses in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. It cannot be affected by economic hard time. In any capacity, it’s evergreen. Food business is not just a profitable venture, it’s a business you can start with a very small capital depending on the standard of the quality services you which to render to your customers. No matter what the circumstances might be, one thing is sure, man must eat. Continue reading “FOOD BUSINESSES”

Who I am, and why I’m here.

There is a reason for to be where you now.

That is a question “who am I” ¬†and “why am I here”…

You are welcome to Realifo. is site that is dedicated to Nigeria youth. I have taken it upon ourselves to put an end to unemployment, joblessness, financial disability and a lot of problems been faced by Nigeria youths.

How do I intend to tackle this problem.

Continue reading “Who I am, and why I’m here.”