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Food is one of the recession proof businesses in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. It cannot be affected by economic hard time. In any capacity, it’s evergreen. Food business is not just a profitable venture, it’s a business you can start with a very small capital depending on the standard of the quality services you which to render to your customers. No matter what the circumstances might be, one thing is sure, man must eat.

There are 100 and more ways to go about this business. You can setup a mini-scale restaurant(cafeteria), fast food restaurant(where quick services is been render) or an upscale(dinner)restaurant. You can decides to render catering service for events like wedding, funeral ceremony, birthday party, cocktail party and lot more. You can also have your own shop and sells foodstuffs.


We’ll be focusing on how to setup a restaurant only in this post

  • Starting a new restaurant.

You might be dreaming of opening your own restaurant. Here is step by step guide for you on how to setup one for yourself. To be honest with you, setting up a restaurant is a difficult task and the the time require is between a couple of months to a year or more. It depends the location, concept, and size of your dream restaurant.

Here are the guide you need.

  • Decide on your restaurant concept.

The first step in opening a new restaurant is deciding the type of restaurants it’s going to be. You decides on the type and quality of your menu, decoration and settings, ambiance and style of your restaurant. Are you looking at opening a high-end fine dinning restaurant? Do you have a specific type of cuisine you plan to serve, such as Chinese, Italian, Indian or French? You might even want specialize in a particular area. You first need to decide on the type of restaurant you want to setup

  • Choose a name for your restaurant.

Choosing a name for your restaurant is very important. You must select a name that is reflecting on the concept restaurant location. For example, you choose to name it Chinese restaurant if it was located where we have a quite number of foreigners.

  • Draw out your business plan

We all know that when we fail to plan, then we have already plan to fail. Planing gives you insights on how your business will look like, you will be able to for-see the big fat problems in your business plan. Whether it’s not big enough, sited in a bad location and other possible problems. You should also include the proper description of your menu, the required facilities such as: furniture’s, kitchen utensils, gadgets etc. You should also include staffing and marketing strategies.

  • Select a location

Before you run or sign a lease for your restaurant, do your homework properly. You have to be strategic when sitting your restaurant to ensure easy accessibility.

The restaurant should be situated in a place with plenty foot traffic and has a minimal competition. It can be located around any tertiary institution, a construction site and any public offices. It must also be spacious and located in a very clean and decent environment.

  • Apply for licenses and permits

To get your licenses and permits approved might take you several weeks or month. So once you realise you are OK financially you should start filling your business paper work. You might also include liquor licenses, depending on your choice and sign permits and workers compensation.

  • Hire your staffs

You will need to hire staffs such as: kitchen staffs, bartender, wait staff and securities. They are all immanent part of any restaurant

  • Advertise your restaurant

Advertisement is one of the vital tools that contribute to the success of any business. You can advertise your restaurant on newspapers, radio adverts, you can make use of a good to get word out about your new restaurant. Also make use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp to sprees the word about your new restaurant.

These are the step by step guide you need to set up your restaurant.



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